Contracts in the USVI

Contracts are legally binding agreements that create an obligation for the parties involved to do something for one another. A complete contract must contain mutual consideration, an offer and acceptance, valid consideration, and the good faith of all parties. In entering into a contract, both parties must try and create the most beneficial terms for their side, sometimes to the detriment of the other side.

While a contract need not be in a writing, a written contract signed by both parties can help prevent a future breach of the contract and can help you prove your damages should a legal action be necessary. A good contract will protect your interests and set the tone for the working relationship between the parties.

Attorney Alger also provides assistance in consumer protection, collateral protection issues, secured party rights and remedies, and enforcement of guaranty agreements and commercial instruments.

The lack of a complete contract, a breach by one side, or an unclear term in a contract can create business and personal challenges. Do not let an unenforceable contract force you to lose business or suffer setbacks. Attorney Rosh Alger has the experience and breadth of knowledge to ensure that all parts of your contract are valid, enforceable, and written to your benefit.

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