Foreclosure in the USVI

With the burst of the housing bubble, foreclosures are becoming more and more common in the US Virgin Islands. They leave both property owners and mortgage holders with few options. It is imperative to be properly represented, regardless of the side of the foreclosure process on which you find yourself.

A foreclosure may occur through either a judicial and non-judicial process. In either case, complicated legal issues may arise. In a non-judicial foreclosure, a power of sale can be used by the lender to sell the property. The sale must abide by the guidelines specified in the power of sale. In cases without a power of sale, a judicial proceeding allows a lender to go after property owners to recover money owed. If the court declares a foreclosure, the property will be auctioned at a foreclosure sale to the highest bidder. In such a proceeding, the sale must abide by the proceeding laid out by the court, and the borrower may have time to redeem the property.

Attorney Rosh Alger is able to help property owners and mortgage holders explore their options when faced with a foreclosure. He has the experience and breadth of knowledge to provide guidance for those who are considering walking away from either a property or an unsatisfied mortgage debt.

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